Join us on a Marlborough Sounds Cruise…

If it’s a cruise you want without fishing, then we can certainly take you to some beautiful sites. Where we take you will be dependent upon the weather and sea conditions of course, but options could include a cruise into the Kenepuru Sound, where numerous holiday homes have road access and a stop off for lunch at a restaurant may be possible.

Alternatively, we could venture further out and cruise the Pelorus Sound to find a lovely sheltered bay to stop for lunch. A visit to a gannet colony, watching the seals laze around on the rocks, while also spotting various other sea birds – on a Marlborough Sounds cruise, we have an abundance of natural wonders to see.

Very often we come across a pod of Dolphins, and sometimes Orca are to be found cruising the Marlborough Sounds. Mussel farms are rife in the Marlborough Sounds and also worth passing by.

We make every effort to tailor all our cruises to suit individual clients and the local weather and sea conditions on the day.